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Valued-added Services

Hong Kong-China Consolidation Services

Hong Kong companies have invested billions of dollars in the Delta, transforming it into one of the world's leading centers for exporting finished products and importing raw materials. Rapid growth in trade has created an explosion in container traffic between Hong Kong and China.

As part of Risetech's commitment to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and reliable services, we have inaugurated consolidation services between Hong Kong, the Delta, Yangtze River, and Northern China targeted at offering our customers the cost-effective and one-stop-shop transportation services in and out of China.

Multimodal Service

Being our clients' personal and professional transportation consultant, Risetech always provides the most cost effective solutions to ensure timely, accurate and reliable deliveries. To accomplish this, we have developed and are continuously refining our multimodal transport solutions, including sea/air, air/sea, sea/land or any combination of these transport modes, so as to attain the best and right balance between cost and just-in-time deliveries for all our valued customers.

Insurance Management Service

As a part of our long-term strategic goal to become a 4PL (4th Party Logistics), we believe that proper risk and insurance management policies must be in place to ensure safe and reliable delivery at all times. Our international transport insurance program provides tailor-made insurance cover with global validity. It allows our customers to incorporate risk and insurance management into their own transportation and logistics concepts.

Port Agency Services

Today Risetech provides full liner and port agency services to international ship-owners and operators to ensure fast and flexible turnaround of their vessels. It operates from a sound financial base with highly experienced management and staff located in Hong Kong, China and Korea.

Comprehensive liner sales agency and inland haulage and distribution services are the core parts of our business and are supported by the most sophisticated and reliable computer systems that are integrated and synchronized with our partners' and clients' systems.

Warehousing & Distribution

Risetech services have always been customer driven - a hallmark of our business culture. We offer our customers the most cost-effective regional and local warehousing and distribution services.

Through our professional associated partners in the field, our customers can enjoy the economies of consolidated shipments, shortened inventory and delivery cycles and just-in-time local and cross-border delivery and shipment collection.

To accomplish this, our logistics system is developed based on programs that allow a smooth flow of inventory that requires minimal storage space usage, and a reduction in the total pipeline time of all orders.

Logistics Team Contact Details:

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