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Basic Services

As one of the leading forwarders and transport services providers in Hong Kong, Risetech can help our clients to choose the most reliable and cost-saving route from Hong Kong to any destination worldwide. We have established long term partnership with major shipping and air lines, and it is sure to be an advantage to provide cost-efficient services to fulfill the demanding needs of our customers.

Value-added Services

Hong Kong companies have invested billions of dollars in the Delta, transforming it into one of the world's leading centers for exporting finished products and importing raw materials. Rapid growth in trade has created an explosion in container traffic between Hong Kong and China. As part of Risetech's commitment to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and reliable services, we have inaugurated consolidation services between Hong Kong, the Delta, Yangtze River, and Northern China targeted at offering our customers the cost-effective and one-stop-shop transportation services in and out of China.


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