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Transshipment / China Export

To supplement our door-to-door service, Risetech has engaged the services of a dedicated fleet of container trailers, trucks, railways and a team of experienced drivers to provide our clients with Just-in-Time local, cross-border deliveries and pick up services.

Given the immense area of Mainland China and the lack of suitable transportation in the inner regions of the country, railway transportation has become one of the most critical links in the entire delivery process with the potential to greatly shorten the distances and transit times between ports and final destinations.

Our transshipment team is trained to arrange the quickest and most efficient routes as well as seeking the services of the most suitable truckers and railway liners so that our customers' orders are delivered in the shortest time frame.

Transshipment Contact Details:

Main Line : (852) 2214 8000
Sales Hotline : (852) 2214 8051 / 2214 8053
Email export_china_land@risetech.com.hk

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